Monday, September 30, 2013

Athento releases the 2.3.32 version of its software and moves towards version 3.0

Silicon Valley, September 26, 2013 Athento, the smart document management software,  is today releasing its 2.3.32 version as it moves ahead to version 3.0. This new release include corrections of bugs and new functionality.

Just over two weeks ago, Athento launched its version 2.0 beta as an “open beta” version. The aim of that release was to increase awareness of the product and to obtain feedback from a large number of users regarding the design and functionality of the product. Athento’s “release to manufacturing” version should be ready this coming November.

The 2.0 beta version of Athento includes various service packs, with software updates, correction of bugs and performance improvements. The first of these service packs was released last week under the release number 2.3.32 and is available to be downloaded from the Athento web page.

This new release corrects some minor bugs and adds functionality, such as the configuration of a CMIS path to download documents from repositories that support the CMIS protocol, like Alfresco or Sharepoint. It also includes a folder monitoring system that uses the same protocol; and the Athento Scheduler, which permits users to configure folder monitoring tasks, using Hot Folders. (Releases notes)

User feedback has been positive and highlight the ease with which the application can be brought into a workplace environment.

“We hope to carry out agile development of this product, which has been sustained by the experience of users of capture and document management” says José Luis de la Rosa, the CEO of Yerbabuena Software Inc., the company that created Athento.

Looking ahead to the next RTM, whose release will take place in November, this next version  will surprise the users of Alfresco, SalesForce and Box. In the case of Box, an updated integration already exists but the new version will go beyond the semantic auto-tagging feature, permitting the uploading of documents from this file-sharing application.

About Yerbabuena Software, Inc.:
Yerbabuena Software is made up of a large group of document management software experts and currently has offices in Spain and Silicon Valley, California, in addition to important partnership agreements in countries such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Its Athento product is in charge of managing documents in businesses such as the DIA group, BNP Paribas or Leroy Merlin.


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