Thursday, September 19, 2013

Document Management Glossary, Letter I

I have to apologize for skipping letter "I" in our glossary. So, let's back to "I".

Image Processing 
Image Processing is any kind of processing of a signal which brings in an image (or a video), and the output consists of another image, video or a series of data extracted from what came in. Currently, image processing is done digitally, although there could be specific applications in which it is done analogically, using optics. Image processing is a two-dimensional process, in which the image is represented in computer code by a matrix in which the cells are pixels. When the incoming information is a video, each frame or still image of the video is processed as an individual image, as a matrix, with a time relation existing between the images. Image processing is useful in a variety of fields, such as the automatic identification of document types, working with X-ray images to obtain information, image compression (.jpeg) and videos (.mpeg), etc. In document management, image processing can be used in document digitization or document imaging

Document Imaging (Image digitizing)
This is a category in information technology which uses image processing to reproduce, process and represent documents. Photocopies, multi-function printers or scanners are some of the hardware used in image digitization. Imaging (or document imaging) refers to software which is used within the capture cycle of Enterprise Content Management, and consists of  obtaining digital copies of paper documents.

In document management, indexing is used to create a list (or index) of terms which describes each document in the system so that documents can be located again in the future. To do this, electronic systems go over the content of a document and extract a summative representation of the meaning of the document (full-text) and include metadata in the index, such as the title of the document, or its author. The index tries to make consultations easier and to reduce the amount of time needed to carry out the search.

In document management, an index is an ordered list of terms or words that belong to a document. When a document is indexed, the idea is to describe its content by using a list of terms.

Document Inventory
A document inventory is a related group of documents of a company or an institution at a particular date. It is used to take count of all the documents stored by the institution to, for example, suppress or leave out those which are at the end of their document life cycles.
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