Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why do businesses undertake processes of document imaging and capture?

Interest in document imaging projects continues to grow. We’re not just talking about simple projects of “massive scanning”, which is what we typically think of when we think of digitization. Truth is, this part of the document management market is shrinking. According to PwC, negative growth of between 5% and 3% is expected in this business (according to the "White Book of Document Management 2011"). The main reason provided by this consultancy to explain the decline of this sector is because government bodies (who, traditionally, have been the ones who have most needed to digitize old documents) have stopped asking for those services, due to cutbacks.

These days, both the public and private sectors are interested in projects that offer real value to their business processes, and this “value”, doubtless, is found in being able to automate processes to save money with time and labor costs. Digitization, in and of itself, doesn’t offer these benefits. That’s where document capture software comes in: it gives users the chance to obtain information from documents, to be used to trigger automatic processes.

Knowledge, productivity and cost reductions are, therefore, the motivating factors that guide the increase of “intelligent” digitization processes”. That’s how the AIIM defines it in its study called "The Paper-Free Office – Dream or Reality". According to the study, the main reason why businesses undertake document imaging and capture processes is to increase the capabilities for information searching within its documents, which is also connected to Knowledge Management. Businesses also cite other various factors, such as cost reduction (perishable goods, storage space) and improving processes (productivity).

In the following diagram, you can see for yourself the reasons that guide users when they undertake document imaging and capture projects:

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