Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yerbabuena Software releases more than 20 plug-ins for Nuxeo, the Open Source platform for Enterprise Content Management

Silicon Valley, September 26, 2013.- Yerbabuena Software Inc., the business that created Athento, the smart capture and document management software, is today releasing more than twenty plug-ins which incorporate functionalities to Nuxeo.

The company has announced today that it will make some twenty plug-ins, which add or improve functionalities to this software, available. Nuxeo is one of the most prominent Open Source code software solutions currently on the Enterprise Content Management market, thanks to its clients in more than 145 countries.

Most of the modules being released by Yerbabuena Software provide capture functionality, such as the AFM plug-in for monitoring folders (Hot Folder), for mass, automatic uploading of documents from folders; or the OCR plug-in, which allows users to include an OCR motor to Nuxeo. These plug-ins are the result of the path taken by Yerbabuena, which now has Athento, its own document and capture product, yet still remains an active part of the community of Nuxeo developers.

As well as characteristics for capture, these plug-ins provide Nuxeo with equally-attractive functionality, such as integration with Google Docs, which allows users to edit documents stored in Nuxeo  on-line using Google Drive. Several digital signature plug-ins have also been released, such as the one for integration with Realsec’s CrytpoSign server, which permits digital signatures using signatures that have been previously stored in a server containing signatures.

The plug-ins released by Yerbabuena Software are available for different versions of Nuxeo and can be downloaded from the company’s repository.

“At Yerbabuena software, we hold the community of Nuxeo developers, of which we’re a part, in very high esteem. With the release of these plug-ins, we’re trying to contribute to that community and to the thousands of Nuxeo users around the world who want to add functionality to their ECM platforms” says José Luis de la Rosa, the CEO of Yerbabuena Software Inc.

With an outstanding track record in the development of software, and which has become the partner of large suppliers of ECM software such as Nuxeo and Alfresco, Yerbabuena Software is currently focusing on developing its own capture and document management product, which is compatible with the above-mentioned platforms, and also works with SharePoint, Open-Text and Documentum. Barely a week ago, Yerbabuena announced the launch of version 2.0 beta of Athento, which can be tried and downloaded from the product web site.

About Yerbabuena Software, Inc.:
Yerbabuena Software is made up of a large group of document management software experts and currently has offices in Spain and Silicon Valley, California, in addition to important partnership agreements in countries such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Its Athento product is in charge of managing documents in businesses such as the DIA group, BNP Paribas or Leroy Merlin.

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