Monday, October 7, 2013

Analysis of the capture solutions currently available on the market

This summer, we undertook a study about the capture solutions available on the market. We asked the people who knew the most about the topic: businesses dedicated to document imaging and BPOs. Although the poll still hasn’t wrapped up, we’d like to share some interesting data that we’ve found:

  • Only 20% of businesses are totally satisfied with their document imaging software. 
  • Some 75% of businesses would exchange their software for one that was easier to use. 
  • 50% of businesses would change their software for one that was easier to integrate. 
  • A total of 57% have spent money on post-purchase development projects.

The poll still remains open for responses. Once it’s finished, we’ll share the results of the study in a chart. We’d like to extend an invitation to everyone who works in this market and are the ones who know the sector best. Ask us if you want to participate.


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