Friday, October 11, 2013

Athento creates efficiency by managing more than 40,000 construction plans during the building of a subway system in one of Spain’s biggest cities

Silicon Valley,  October 10th, 2013:  Athento, the smart capture and document management software,  has helped the builders of the new subway system in the Spanish city of Malaga with the publication and distribution of more than 40,000 construction plans.

This month, Yerbabuena Software and the consortium of companies building the Metro de Malaga have made public Athento’s use as the document management system used during the construction of the Metro. The consortium that led the construction, known as UTE Metro Malaga, (made up of several of Spain’s most prominent construction firms, including FCC, Sando, Azvi, Comsa and Vera) have, since 2010, put their trust in Athento as the document management system. Once finished, the Metro will have sixteen kilometers of lines and will provide service to more than seventeen million passengers in its first year alone, thanks to investment in the project of more than €600 million.

Malaga, located in the south of Spain, is a tourist hot spot with substantial population growth predicted to be as strong as that of Madrid and Barcelona. That growth, and the need to have sustainable public transport, helped created a project started in 1999 to provide a subway system to this Spanish city.

The mega-project carried out by this Andalusian city required the coordination of more than 1,600 people, five separate work centers, and exhaustive quality control over the work plans. UTE Metro Málaga needed to count on the security of carrying work out with the most up-to-date plans, especially with the most recent versions of plans, since any element or adjustment that had not been included in the original set of plans would result in out-of-control costs. Since the plans were revised up to seven hundred times per day, working with the most recent set of construction documents was crucial.

Thanks to the dedicated work of the professionals working on the Metro, and the efficiency of the software, more than 40,000 work plans have been managed to date, and this management has been crucial in preventing execution errors in a project that, this year, will cost the city close to €600 million. The other great achievement of this project has been to centralize all the project information, which is used in five separate work centers. Added to this is the advantage of being able to access all of the documentation from any location on a 24/7 basis, from any device. 

Metro de Málaga’s staff are fully aware of the value of this project tool. According to José María Lara, Metro de Málaga’s Manager of Technical Planning, “Always having the latest version of our plans available and accessible to distinct users was of prime importance for the perfect execution and organization of the construction project. Athento let us do that”.

José Luis de la Rosa, CEO of Yerbabuena Software, also adds: “Yerbabuena Software is proud that Athento made its contribution to the construction of the city’s Metro system, and contributing to the quality and efficiency of projects that involve so many resources and people, like the Málaga Metro, is, without a doubt, very valuable to us.”

Athento is a smart capture and ECM software which can help organizations at all levels, and in all sectors, maintain control over their documents, guaranteeing the success of document imaging projects and automating processes thanks to the information that this software is able to obtain from documents from any company. 

About Yerbabuena Software, Inc.:
Yerbabuena Software is made up of a large group of document management software experts and currently has offices in Spain and Silicon Valley, California, in addition to important partnership agreements in countries such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Its Athento product is in charge of managing documents in businesses such as the DIA group, BNP Paribas or Leroy Merlin.

Success Case: Athento helps the builders of the new subway system
Athento allows publication and distribution of more than 40,000 construction plans.

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