Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Do I have to change my document manager if all I want is Athento for document imaging? [FAQs]

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Given the large number of questions that we received during the webinar (especially the ones that didn’t get answered because of time limits), we’ve decided to create a new section of the blog that’s dedicated to anwering questions. From now on, the posts that you see with the [FAQs] marker will be dedicated to these types of entries.

Today, we’ll start with a really interesting question that Marisol Eduardo, from Stracon GyM in Peru, asked us:

Do I have to change my document manager if all I want is Athento for document imaging? 

The answer is no. Athento is smart document management, and that’s why our aim is to offer a solution that completely covers all the needs of ECM and document management in businesses. However, we understand that, for businesses, the complete document management system isn’t just implemented all at once. Rather, it grows according to the needs of the business. For example, not all companies need records management right from the very beginning; the need usually comes up some time in its existence.

So, what is it that Athento offers, exactly? 
  • Modules that are completely integrated and that cover distinct stages of life in our documents.
During the webinar, we first saw the part of Athento that provides smart capture and which can help a document imaging project to evolve. Later, we saw the document manager, in which we stored documents that have already been classified, with the metadata of the documents from which we’ve extracted information. Our document management functionality is the ECM module, which is optional and which only represents a small surcharge in the price of Athento. You can see the characteristics of our ECM module on our website.

But what if I’ve already got a document manager?
  • Athento can help you with your document imaging project without you needing to change your document manager. 
Most of the powerful document managers that are available on the market  (Alfresco, Nuxeo, SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, etc.) have implemented the CMIS standard, which makes it possible to share information among various content management systems. Athento also has complete implementation of the standard, which allows it to operate among any of those document management programs. What’s more, Athento has its own API y web services, which increase its capacity to communicate with other systems.

Marisol, I hope that that answers your question in some detail, and that many other users find this information to be useful.
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