Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Automatic Relations between documents in Athento

To make it quicker to access documentation, it’s often fundamental to be able to access one document from inside another document that it has a direct relationship with. In document managers, relations are built manually. Put simply, the system is shown which document is related to other document(s). In Athento, these relationships are built automatically when different documents contain the same piece of metadata that has the same value. For example, let’s suppose that in a school or educational center, the documents for each new student are stored: the student’s student card and a national identity number. For both types of documents, the master metadata type called “national identity number” is created in order to be extracted. Once Athento carries out data extraction on those documents, each time that Athento finds documents that coincide with the value of the piece of metadata called “national identity number”, the value lies in the system being able to associate documents which belong to the same file for the student.

Below, we’re going to see the example of various contracts which share the piece of metadata annotation, and how, from the “Relations” tab in Athento, you can see the documents in which the value of this piece of metadata coincide.

Documents automatically related in Athento from Athento on Vimeo. Share

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