Friday, November 15, 2013

Which operating systems can you run Athento on? [FAQs]

Our friend Alberto Lara has asked us a question: specifically, he’d like to know one thing about Athento: Can it be used on Windows and Linux?

Athento is an application which has been developed in JAVA. As many of you know, JAVA is a multi-platform programming language, which means that its ability to operate isn’t tied to one specific operating system. 

When you download Athento from our web page, it gives you the chance to decide whether you want to work in Linux or with Windows, which are currently the most widely used operating systems around the world for development environments. In accordance with the operating system that you work with, you should choose one installation file or the other. The difference between them is that the libraries of managing image files is incorporated into the operating system, which means that you have a specific library for each operating system.

At a higher level, as users, you shouldn’t experience any difference between working with Athento in Windows or in Linux-based systems (like Debian or Red Hat).

Alberto, I hope that that’s answered your question.

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