Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yerbabuena Software releases a translation plug-in for Nuxeo

Our company has announced that it’s making a Nuxeo plug-in for the management of translations on this Enterprise Content Management platform available.  Nuxeo is one of the most prominent Open Source code software solutions currently on the Enterprise Content Management market, thanks to its clients in more than 145 countries.

The people who are most helped by the release of this plug-in will be Spanish-speaking users, since the plug-in improves the Spanish translations available for the interface that Nuxeo currently uses. Although Nuxeo has had the help of a Crowdin project, where users can collaborate on translating the platform, the Spanish translation available through Crowdin is only 66% developed.

The plug-in is available for Nuxeo versions 5.4.3 and after, and provides benefits such as:
•    Improvements to the available translations, especially Spanish translations.
•    The Events tags (which, by default, did not already come translated to Spanish on the platform)  have been translated.
•    New languages have been included.

Another of the advantages of the translation plug-in is that it’s very easy to install. It’s located in a specific path in Nuxeo, and the only action needed is to re-start the server.

The code for the translation plug-in is available from the company’s repository on GitHub and can be accessed freely and for free. This plug-in has been developed following the OSGi model.


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