Friday, April 4, 2014

Athento and Everis in Chile, in the 5th Justice and Technology Fair

As part of the Seventeenth Ibero-American Conference on Constitutional Justice, the Justice Technology Fair was also held. The fifth edition of the Justice and Technology Fair, held in Santiago, Chile ended on the 31st and brought together judicial authorities from the twenty-three members of the Ibero-American Justice Summit, as well as the judicial authorities from Chilean government agencies, with businesses in the information technology sector.

This is the first time that Athento has participated in this event, and we did it with the help of Everis Chile, a consulting firm that doesn’t need any introduction, since it does business in twelve countries and has almost 11,000 collaborators.

The idea behind us taking part in the event was to introduce Athento to the various government bodies and agencies in Chile and let them know that they can count on a smart document management product that’s capable of covering their needs, just as the product has done with government bodies and private businesses in other countries.

Athento’s presence in Chile is undergoing a period of growth. This year, we have added two new Chilean clients and we are working with various partners in the zone to provide up-close coverage to this Latin American market. We’ll leave you with some photos from the event: 


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