Thursday, April 24, 2014

Athento helps Public Transit Companies to Automate Ticket Refunds

Cash register losses that come from the unjustified refunding of tickets is a frequent problem for companies that transport passengers. This problem is associated with ticket refund processes that are carried out manually, which is not easily solved since it means using a system that is powerful enough to give coverage to carry out requests from various geographic locations, carried out by various users at the same time. The system should also provide responses in real time to those workers who are in charge of processing the refund.

Athento’s intelligence can help companies with this problem. By using an automatic ticket validation process, Athento can tell the user whether or not the money should be returned to the customer. To make this decision, Athento captures tickets from scanners located at the various points of sale of tickets. Then, Athento extracts specific information from the tickets, which is then checked using the application that the company uses to manage tickets. Finally, Athento uses information contained in PDF 147 codes to verify the validity of the tickets to be refunded.

With this automatic processing of ticket returns, transportation companies are able to reduce the time spent on processing refunds, giving customers a faster and more accurate refund process. The systems also prevents refunds for any tickets previously returned, are false or have any other characteristic which would prevent a refund process from taking place.

The best thing about automating this process with Athento, however, is not only that it offers the above-described intelligent functionality; it also provides us with all the advantages of a document management software package: accessible, organized documentation, over which we have full traceability. Thanks to its integration with Alfresco, users can rest assured that once tickets are processed, they are stored safely in a document repository, and can be recovered at any time, from any place.

Athento has provided all the details of this user case to the public; to date, it has also implemented this solution with other clients; it can help those companies that want to perform automatic document validation.


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