Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brand Asset Management with Athento

Although we always relate document management with “traditional” documents, we can’t forget that this document management only forms part of something bigger and more complex: Enterprise Content Management.

This makes more sense today than ever, as businesses work with a large number of digital assets, and not just with PDFs or Word documents. They also work with images, videos, audio recordings, plans, etc. Within the management of digital assets, there’s a small field which is beginning to gain force in the business world: Brand Asset Management.

Brand Asset Management is a very focused view for ECM, since it means the management of business content that belongs to the brand (logos, images, videos, visual material, etc.), throughout its life cycle. One of the factors that has contributed the most to the rapid growth of this small field within Digital Asset Management is that, these days, activities related to marketing, advertising, graphic design and the like are more and more externalized. Few businesses work internally on their brand assets, while the majority source out this production, so that many outside people end up taking part in the process.

I’ll give you an example. A business wants to re-make its brand image. It assigns the re-design of its logo, its web and a corporate video to an advertising agency. The agency has to share different versions with the client while it’s working on the logo, the design of the new web page, the video, etc. How do you carry out version control?

Another example: A franchise has to share all of the graphic material that they can use in different geographic areas with other franchisees. How do they share these assets and be sure that they’re using the most up-to-date version?

Think, as well, of an environmental business of a university that has offices in China, Switzerland and Spain, and, in each one of these, the local institution has to guarantee unanimous use with the Swiss head office. How do they guarantee that all of the offices are using the same logo in all of their corporate material?

I promise you: it’s not easy. Even if we didn’t have to share assets, for the team itself that’s creating these things, it’s complicated to maintain the traceability of the asset and control of it, from the time it’s created to the time when it’s archived or shelved.

I’ll leave you with a presentation that shows how Athento can help us with this. 


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