Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How do Athento subscriptions work? [FAQs]

Athento has two types of products:
In both cases, the prices for Athento are on a subscription basis: payment is made for periods of time.

In-house subscriptions

In-house subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis.
How do I know which product is best-suited for my business when it comes to these subscriptions? That’s easy: You should go by the size of the workload that you’re going to manage with Athento and the support coverage that you’d like to have.

  • Workload that Athento will manage: The way to measure this is checking the number of CPUs that Athento will be loaded on, and that are directly related with the volume of work (number of queries, concurrent users, data volume, etc.) Remember that these variables will affect the performance of any computer program and (for sure!) the performance of any document management software.
  • Support coverage: Your Athento subscription gives you the chance to count on a support plan that gets renewed every year. Standard, Pro, Company and Enterprise support vary in the coverage they give clients. Just under the Enterprise pricing table you’ll find the various coverage solutions offered by different support plans (updates, ways of getting in touch, maximum response time, service availability, maximum number of service hours, backups, etc).

Within those in-house subscriptions, we have another type of subscriptions for those businesses that want to start with Athento. Those subscriptions, called Starter subscriptions, are designed for smaller workloads (you can see them at the end of the Athento In-House Pricing Page.)

Subscribing to the Athento Cloud service

Cloud subscriptions are our favorites, and the favorites of all the businesses who want:
  • Quick start with Athento (Buy it and start using it right away.)
  • No worrying about technical aspects (Forget about having to do maintenance work, updates, etc. …)
  • No huge IT investments (No worrying about servers, a tech team or paying for software licenses.)
 How do I know which product is the best for my business, with these subscriptions?
  • Number of users:  This means the number of users with access to the system. Each of them will have their own, unique credentials and any actions that they take with documents from our company will appear in each document’s history in Athento.
  • Capacity (GB): Depending on the volume of data being managed, the company will have certain storage needs.
And if I have twenty users, but I only need 250 GB? You’ve always got to act under the assumption that your needs will be bigger than that. In this case, you should consider the category of ten to thirty users, and that you’d need to count on a capacity of 500GB.

How are payments made, and how long do I have to stay for?

  • Payments are made monthly. That said, you can take advantage of discounts if you pay yearly.
  • Duration: Our contracts are typically signed for three-year periods, but don’t worry: YOU’RE FREE TO LEAVE WHEN YOU WANT. All we ask is that you give us two months’ notice, and, during that time, your documents will be available for you to take them where you want.

All of our Cloud clients count on 24/7 service, every day of the year. Support for our Cloud products is our Community support.

What happens if we need customizations for Athento, but we still want to enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud service?

If you need to do any of the following kinds of customizations…
  • Integrations
  • Changes to the functioning of the tool
  • Specific features for your business
  • Changes to the appearance of Athento
…we can also offer you Cloud-based service, but you’ll have to pay an annual extra fee for the hosting of your service on Athento (since it’ll be unique to your business), as well as hiring the professional services (development hours) needed to adapt Athento to your needs.

Remember that you’ve got more information in the Athento Documentation Center (FAQs), as well as the FAQs here on the Athento blog.


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