Monday, May 5, 2014

Cloud document management in the day-to-day activity of professional managers

Document management isn’t anything new for professional managers. It actually forms part of their daily activity, since their work is based on documents and is tied to operational tasks such as creating documents, searching in them; signing, sharing and storing them, as well as preserving great quantities of documents.

Most documents, these days, are created in digital formats; or document imaging processes are carried out on documents on paper. Sometimes, though, only digitizing documents doesn't mean managing them efficiently; it just means moving the problem from one place to another

What’s more, these kinds of businesses have to deal with extensive legal requirements regarding storage, preservation and elimination of documentation, due to the sensitive information that documents contain. This means that document management is a mandatory requirement in their day-to-day work. 

The solution to establishing order and managing documentation in an efficient, safe and agile way is to work with a document management system that allows them to capture, manage, store and distribute all types of documents

New document management tools like Athento ECM Cloud bring advanced functionality to take on the challenge of managing documents, but… what value does a document management system bring to companies that help people manage processes, such as business managers, consultants and offices dedicated to providing professional services?

  • Efficiency for customer service: Solutions like Athento index all the information that the system is in charge of, so that the system can perform fast, efficient searches and locate documents in seconds just by using titles, tags, a description, the folder in which the document’s been stored, or even by words that appear in the document. Athento also permits mobility, helping people working in and out of the office, but with safe, controlled access to documents. Documents that are stored in one central location (a server in the Cloud) are available at any time, from any device. This results in improved speed for client service and better agility in distributing and interchanging documentation with the client and with third parties. It also avoids problems arising from documentation that gets lost, or devices that don’t work: our information is always safe and accessible.
  • Makes it easier to work flexibly and with teams: A document management system makes it possible to capture and manage documents in a collaborative fashion. Forget about carrying documents from one desk to another: the system creates, classifies, modifies, creates versions, shares or establishes work flows for documents, without you having to leave your seat. Having better agility with processes means being more efficient, and an increase in the quality of service that you can offer.
  • Improved safety, risk prevention and meeting legal requirements: There are document conservation norms that must be met, depending on the type of document: mercantile documents, tax documents or HR documentation, all of which have to be retained for a specific period of time. There are so many demands that meeting all of them is almost impossible if document management isn’t performed with document management software: measures related to protecting probative information, sensitive information (the history of the document, maintaining the file,  digital mechanisms that guarantee that the file has not been altered) and risk prevention tools (calendars for conservation and establishing policies for document destruction, as well as those related to storage and preservation, information backups, etc.). Having the security of knowing what’s happening with the document throughout its entire life cycle, and being protected against unforeseen problems like theft or loss of gadgets (computers, tablets, smartphones) moves daily decision-making about documents to the administrative manager, allowing workers to focus on serving clients.  
  • Saves time, space and costs: Keeping documentation costs money that gets spent on paper, filing cabinets, installations, etc., to keep it all. It also represents the time of the staff dedicated to looking for documents, possible losses of documents that could result in losing clients, etc. That said, Cloud-based document management doesn’t take up any space at all, allows for improvements to organizational efficiency and the productivity of professional managers, business managers and consultancies, and at a lower cost.
The way in which you manage your clients’ information affects the way they look at the work you do and the quality of the service that you offer, in such a way that, in the end, your clients will be indirectly benefited by the correct management of your documents.

Additionally, cloud-based document management is a great place to start for those professional managers who want to get started with document management:

  • You’ll be able to enjoy document management immediately. 
  • Doesn’t require a huge investment to begin working with the software.
  • Service includes support.
  • Great flexibility when it comes time to grow, to pay, etc.



  1. Being able to find important information at the drop of a hat. That shows good organizational skills. It's the mark of someone with good management capabilities.

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