Friday, May 2, 2014

Document Management improves Quality Systems

Organizations worry that their products or services meet high standards of quality, in addition to legal requirements and what clients want. Processes that are used to reach these requirements generate specific documentation. If that documentation isn't managed properly, it’s impossible to reach the goal of quality being sought. In other words, the quality management system of organizations should be documented.

This need to document the quality system reaches across all quality standards and focuses on two fundamental aspects: the management of documents produced by the quality system itself, and the management of  records generated during the daily activities of organizations.

A Smart Document Management System, like Athento, helps companies that are conducting quality certification processes with digital processing of their documents and records, in order to guarantee the correct identification, storage, protection, retention, recovery and available documentation and records of its quality systems.

How does Athento manage quality records?

Records are documents that contain evidence of daily activities performed by organizations and their results (ISO 9000:2005). For many companies, having these records available immediately and reliably is an almost impossible task since  many companies still retain their records in paper format. Athento allows such records to be managed digitally.

How does Athento manage documents?

With Athento you can have control over document versions at all times. This doesn’t just allow you to manage files and obsolete versions; it also creates lists of valid documents and external documents. It also manages permissions for users, as well as groups and processes such as reviewing, approval, distribution or control of the documents.

To finish, I’ll list some of the key benefits obtained by businesses that manage their quality systems with Athento:

  • Documents and records that are 100% under control.
  • Better following for quality processes
  • Makes it easier to document quality processes.
  • Availability of information provides faster answers when there’s an incident related to quality or audits. 
  • Drastic reduction of paper use. 
  • Reduction of time for management, better productivity.


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