Monday, July 28, 2014

Athento Applies Intelligence to Correspondence Management in Public Entities

Athento, the smart document management software, helps provide public administrations with digital correspondence management that covers the entire life cycle of official correspondence

Thanks to the growing interest shown by government agencies of all levels, in various countries, in the digital management of official correspondence, the company that created Athento has issued a series of case studies and use cases to help such entities learn how they can solve their challenges in managing their mail.

Athento has helped several customers in Spain with receiving, sorting, opening, routing, controlling, and distributing incoming and outgoing mail. One of its clients in Spain is CEDER La Serena, a public agency dedicated to rural development. José Luis de la Rosa, the company’s CEO, says: 

"What these companies want is to improve the time it takes them to respond to the public and other organizations, and Athento can help them do that."

Most customers who are still managing paper-based correspondence report that the most serious problem they have with these processes is that paper correspondence is slow to reach the official who has to deal with it.  This also has another problem of its own: in many cases, public entities are required to meet strict response times. What’s more, routing all of this paper makes increases the potential risk that it could be lost.

What Athento is helping to make possible with its new version is complete management of the life cycle of this correspondence. Its functionality allows users to scan correspondence directly into the system and store the correspondence in a records management structure (under appropriate Classification Schemes and Business Retention Schedules). According to de la Rosa, Athento’s  contribution is that:

 "it not only offers traditional document management functionality, but it also enables the automation of the capture of correspondence and preserving information within the context of records management."

Among the pieces of information that Athento is making available to government agencies that need to improve correspondence management is a use case which explains the challenge in detail that also shows how Athento can help them. This case study can be downloaded for free from the product’s web site. 


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